Activity Report June 3rd, 2018

On a bright Sunday morning, school staff & participants gathered at the Ko-no-mori site.

Today a camera crew from local television station “KUTV” were with us.

As we always do, we first held a meeting and talked about what we wanted to do.

This is an important part of the day as both adults & children voice their ideas & opinions.

We also remind ourselves of the rules and make a rough schedule for the day.

The main projects for the day were: making udon (by hand from flour) for lunch

and building a “da Vinci bridge”.

Leonardo da Vinci designed this bridge about 500 years ago…

we made it today!

Of course the rest of the time was spent playing on site.

Mostly cops and robbers, frisbee, and dodge-ball  (with a self-made ball) .

The hand-made udon was tasty, though it was closer to gnocchi than udon normally is!

Also some kids asked if it was possible to eat the leaves of plants on the site,

our food expert advised what was edible and suggested making tempura,

which we did.

It was a big hit with everyone!

We finished off the day with a short meeting

in which we (again, adults & children)

assessed the day, what we enjoyed and what we could improve.

See you next time!